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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Powder Coating Gun. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India & majorly we serve our products to customers from India.

The gun is important part of a powder coating systems. With Auto 500 now offers you the final solution to failures of the HV genertor. A spry gun with a detachable HV replaceable at site instantly, at a net bare weight of 470 gins, the Auto 500 is sleek and lightest in the industries. The gun is manufactured form a new material that makes gun light and robust. Auto 500 is build for convenience in handling. The integrated powder spray gun generates a full 100 kv at its carben mazzle with 32 charging electroed for the highest possible powder transfer efficiency translating in to higher productivity and improved shop floor results.


Automation - l. DC

Powder Coating Gun

Automation - ll. AC

Powder Coating Gun

Model: Auto I

Powder Coating Gun

A folding Two Part, electrostatic powder coating gun assembly is a lightweight & easy to clean.

Model: Auto II

Powder Coating Gun

Light Weight & HV removable high Power Spray Gun. The electrostatic process help minimize overspray and waste.

Model: Auto III

Powder Coating Gun

Folding system high voltage detachable Powder Spray Gun. In electrostatic powder particles are charged and then sprayed toward a part with an opposite and attractive electric charge.

Reciprocator Mounting Gun

Powder Coating Gun

A reciprocator is provided with fixed pulleys and movable pulleys which are reciprocated upward and downward, and a slider for mounting a paint gun is connected to an end of a wire which is led through the fixed pulleys and the movable pulleys.

Technical Specification

Electrical power supply input-230V AC single phase with proper earthing power consumption approx 40 WATT ( 110 VAC also available on request )

Model Dia Length Weight Input Voltage Out Put Voltage Colour Range Current
Model : Auto I 38mm 260mm 640Gms 220V AC 9V AC Adjustable Dual Colour 0.20 uA
Model : Auto II 38mm 220rnm 570Gms 220V AC 9V AC Adjustable Metallic 0.20 uA
Model : Auto III 43mm 230mm 720Gms 220V AC 9V AC Adjustable Metallic 0.20 uA
Reciprocator Mounting Gun 43mm 235mm 645Gms 220V AC 9V AC Adjustable Metallic 0.20 UA