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We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Spray Booths, Paint Booths, Painting Booths ,Spray Painting Booth, Water Wash Paint Booths, Side Draft Paint Booths, Dry Back Paint Booths, Down Draft Paint Booths, Lab Paint Booths. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India & majorly we serve our products to customers from India.
We at Surftech Engineers are known for customizing paint booths to suit the customer's requirement. With experience in over 50 companies and innumerable paint booths in various industries, we take pride in our insight and knowledge in this field. Our paint booths are equipped with various equipment such as paint arrestor filters, blowers, extraction/washing chambers, filters etc. which are manufactured and integrated under stringent quality standards. These features are properly designed as per the product and customer requirement to ensure that the optimum level of air draft is generated to assist in the removal of the over-sprayed paint from the air and improve the finish quality of the components.

Types of Spray Paint Booths


Dry Back Paint Booths:
Over-sprayed paint particles are exhausted towards an extraction chamber at optimum velocity due to the draft created by the exhaust blowers. These paint particles pass through two stages of filtration wherein they get trapped, thereby allowing only solvent vapors to exhaust out.


Portable Paint Booths :
Portable Spray Booths, or portable paint booths, are optimal hooded solutions for entrapping applications that involve light spray painting, aerosol sprays, epoxy overspray, airbrush spray painting, and a variety of other processes that emit hazardous fumes. In all of these cases, the spray booth provides a safe environment for the user.

Portable Paint Booth

Side Draft Paint Booth

Side Draft Paint Booths :
Incase of side draft paint booth, the air is sucked from the backside of the operator and exhausted away from him and the component in front of the operator. Such paint booths are useful where the components can be easily rotated since the operator can to paint in one direction only.


Water Wash Paint Booths :
In the water wash spray booth, a flow of air at very high velocity licks the surface of the water, entraining a large of water in the air. The over-sprayed paint particles remain in the water while the solvent vapors are exhausted out.

Water-wash Paint Booth

Down Draft Paint Booth

Down Draft Paint Booths :
Incase some cases, the components are heavy and huge and it is not possible to rotate the component to paint on all sides. The operator needs to move around the component to paint. In such cases down draft type of paint booths are used. The air is sucked from the top of the paint booth and the draft is created in such a way that the air with over-sprayed paint particles is exhausted from the bottom of the booth.


Lab / Laboratory Paint Booths :
Most efficient way of containing oversprayed paint. Modular spray booth design allowing for all types of Spraying Application. DRY LAB BOOTH is ideally suitable for Samples of all Non-sticky overspray like Air Dry Paint / Quick Drying Polyurethane Paint or similar Paint which produces Non-sticky over-sprayed Paint Particles.

Lab Paint booth